8 Steps to Prepare Your Heart for a Bible Convention

8 Steps to Prepare Your Heart for a Bible Convention

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Remember the days when we received the Convention program at 9:20 am as you walked in the door?
What changed?  Why do we get them in advance now?  I recall a comment from JW Broadcasting that reminded us of why we receive the programs in advance.  So that we can prepare our hearts and minds for the spiritual food that we will receive at the convention.  So how can we use the program to do that?  (No, I’m not talking about buying a new dress!)

To be clear, preparing our hearts for the convention is not done all in one personal study session.  I personally prepare in the weeks leading up to the convention.

Here are the steps that I take each year:

Step 1 - Pray
Step 2 - Read the theme scripture
Step 3 - Review the pictures to see how they relate to the theme
Step 4 - Read the theme scripture for each day and perhaps write out the title of each talk in your notebook
Step 5 - Read all the scriptures referenced for each talk
Step 6 - Meditate on the scripture and try to determine how it relates to the Convention theme
Step 7 - If I don’t see a clear connection between the theme and the scripture, I research!
Step 8 - Write one sentence summarizing what I think will be included in the talk (this is a fun game to get your family & friends involved and it helps me to focus during the convention)
In conclusion, taking talk notes can help you grow in your faith and become a better Christian.  We will talk more about that next week when we discuss why taking talk notes can help you focus and learn.